About Us


It all starts with a seed.

Robert, Ralph and Ronald standing under a cacao tree
You plant it. You follow it closely. You nurture it. You take good care of it like it’s a piece of you, and you give it your best in hopes it grows into something that will make the world a better place. It might sound like we’re describing the very process of how we grow our cacao (and we could be), but we’re actually referring to Ralph’s life before he decided to hang up his lab coat and put on the Willy Wonka hat instead.

The man behind it.


Ralph, one of the men behind Saari, is a Finnish entrepreneur by heart and a doctor by trade who spent most of his life as an in-vitro fertilization specialist. As a physician and a businessman, Ralph made countless dreams come true for numerous families and built a successful career, living in various countries and travelling around the world. When the time came to venture into a new field, he found in chocolate-making a way to keep delivering happiness to people.

Saari was born out of his calling to make people happy and was conceived while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, after falling in love with the warm weather and warm people from this Caribbean island, which would later inspire our brand’s name, packaging, and way of crafting our chocolate. But just like any bundle of joy, it took more than one person to bring

Saari to this world.


Ralph casually met Ronald, a lifetime surfer and a businessman well-known in the local community, at Encuentro beach during what was supposed to be just a short holiday in Cabarete. After chatting by the sea throughout the day and into the night, Ralph’s long-time idea of creating a new chocolate brand sprouted and started to take root. One thing led to another, and, long story short, a few months after that, Saari was born – yes, we’re the result of a one-night thing.

Since the apple (or in this case, the cacao) doesn’t fall far from the tree, Ralph was joined in his new adventure by his son Robert, a product engineer who inherited his dad’s knack for thoroughly mapped processes, to help him bring to life something with the power to put a smile on people’s faces. And, yes, now we’re talking about chocolate.

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