The Farm


By the way, this is our backyard.


We make delicious tree-to-bar chocolate that melts in your mouth and melts your heart. Our secret? We’ll spill the beans. Most of the cacao beans we use to craft our bars come from one place and one place only: our own 25-hectare backyard.

Located in the North of the Dominican Republic island, our farm is home to over 25,000 cacao trees, a factory and several warehouses. This means that once harvested, the cacao fruits are processed on the spot, which makes for a sustainable product and for a unique taste.

In other words, this is where all the magic happens. And by magic, we mean heavenly delicious chocolate.

We’re currently finishing up the factory to ramp up the production and for that reason we’re out of stock. Sign up to be one of first ones to get your hands (and mouth) on our chocolates!